5 Benefits of buying local produce

I’m sure you’ve all heard somewhere along the line about the wonderful benefits of buying local produce. It’s no secret that fresh fruit and vegetables are a key component of a healthy diet and in today’s society a healthy diet is an important lifestyle choice to have if you want to reap the benefits that a healthy lifestyle can bring.

What some people don’t realise, however, is that it is fresh fruit and vegetables that you need to be incorporating into your diet. Frozen or long stored produce is not even close to the crucial nutrients and vitamins that you get from the fresh goods. Here are 5 crucial benefits of buying local produce.

That Fruit is fresh

One of the best advantages of buying your fruit and veg locally is that you can guarantee its freshness. Fresh fruit is the best because it contains the most nutrients and vitamins and the taste is second to none. If you want to eat fruit that is tasty and great for you then it’s time you started buying local produce which will have been handpicked by a farmer near you as soon as that very morning.

The crops are picked at their peak which means they will be just right for eating and it is better for you to buy them at this point rather than from a supermarket where they may have been sitting for a couple of weeks.

Local = Healthy

Not only is local produce fresh but it is also better for you. If you’re looking to get into shape and live a healthier lifestyle then the food you eat is said to be 80% of the work. For this reason it is vitally important that you are choosing the healthiest foods to eat and this is what you can guarantee if you buy locally. You want the time between the farmer picking the food and you eating the food to be a short as possible and if you buy locally you can be sure that it has been picked a couple of days ago maximum as a posed to food that is imported which can sit for weeks before reaching you.

Support your farmers

It is important that we all support our local farmers and ensure that they are picking up the profits of supplying us with incredibly tasty food. Farmland is beautiful and we want to keep it that way but if farms are not making money they will close down and beautiful green areas will be built on and ruined.

Learn and build your community

Buying straight from your farmer can have many benefits for your local community and your own knowledge around the food you eat. You can ask the farmers anything about how your food was made and you may even discover something new that you have never tried before. Building a good relationship with your farmer is a great way to learn about the food you eat and this will help you understand what the best foods are for you in the different seasons of the year.

Take care of your wildlife

Farmland is very eco friendly as it removes a lot of carbon from the atmosphere as well as protecting water supplies and keeping soil fertile. Farmland is great for all nature including plants, crops and wildlife.